Goddess being female is only partial truth!!

Goddess as female is only partial truth, a limited understanding. It is not a wholesome, holistic truth.

Matter as well as Energy is the Goddess or Shakti.

She is the forever changing birthing dying pulsating cyclic dynamic dancing rhythmic beat of this creation which constitutes the smallest of the smallest aspect to the biggest of the biggest.

Shakti is Everything!!

To categorise her as only as She, Her is limiting nature.

In my knowing,
Everything matter in existence is Shakti!!
Everything energy and pulsating is Shakti!
Female, Male, Both and Neither is Shakti!

Shakti manifests and dwells in Shiva – consciousness, static, omnipresent infinite space, that was neither born nor will ever cease to be, that is neither male nor female.

Every tiniest inch of Shiva is filled with potent Shakti waiting to manifest-take form. They are inseparable, forever together, merged with and in each other.

Shiva can only be experienced in Shakti as Shakti.

Any other narrative, symbology, story or form of Shiva is only Shakti because form is Shakti.

If I were to explain using form it would be like the form of Grand Canyon is Shakti but the space that is forming the Canyon is Shiva!

Every form is held in space, by space and with space. For me that space is Shiva, my beloved while I am Shakti, the form that is held by Shiva!!

In deep meditation when my awareness around form disappears, I am Shiva as Space and Shakti as energy!

I am BOTH!!
I am ONE!!


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