Are you Happy?

After watching Queen, I had to re-introspect this question: ARE YOU HAPPY?

I have come a long way on ths question. When I read Shobha De’s recent blog quote on Queen – ” there is a ‘queen’ inside every woman. If only she can locate her! Sometimes, it takes a really hard knock for that discovery to take place. But once a woman finds her inner queen, there is no stopping her! “, I can say that I did receive the hard knock (not once; few times) and it did propel me towards finding myself. To me finding oneself is so integrally connected to finding one’s source of happiness – moving from what gives me Happiness to I am Happiness.

“Are you Happy?” I heard this question for the first time (that I recall) through the lips of Gurudev, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  When asked, I was a total blank. I have seen  Gurudev ask this question casually to every single person that he meets – children, teenagers, college goers, women, men, uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas….u name it. “Happy?” with the most gentle tone. The magnitude of this simple question hit me in a very subtle way.

Oct 2001 – first time I experienced the Sudarshan Kriya (r) breathing in the Art of Living Course. My life was never the same after. It gave me an experience of Happiness like never before. Since then I have revisited this thing called Happiness a zillion times. Especially in those moments when life pulls the ground under your feet and you are left with nothing but your own belief system, rights & wrongs, shoulds/shouldnots: you are forced to look at everything with a fresh perspective and most importantly, you get to discover a completely new knowing of Happiness.

Something about the movie Queen – touched that for me. That deep rooted infinite stream of Happiness that I am, You are, We all are. It makes way into that. It is not a easy journey as we are forced to rise above our fears, discomforts, ughs and oohs.

Happy? I asked myself again yesterday. There was this deep feeling in my heart like waves rushing, tumbling, splashing and gushing. As this feeling rushed up through my throat,  it became waves of gratitude and there it moved up and I was choked – my eyes teared up and a smile rested on my lips. There was no answer!!

Happiness has so many faces, doesnt it? So much depth. There is Happiness as the emotion, Happiness triggered in the thought and intellect pursuits, Happiness invoked through memory and then there is Happiness as me – what I am made up of.

Happiness as me – the juicy/tasty aspect of consciousness enveloping me, pulsating ever around me, in me, through me, with me, without me!!

When life is down, up, still, moving, resting, doing – I check: Happy? – YES! there it is again.  I am.

When in tears, in joy, in anger, in frustration, in tiredness, in chaos, arguing – I check: Happy? – YES! there it is again. I am.

Happiness is deeper than the deepest ocean, humungoes than the universe, magnanimous than… WOW! It is never ending. I guess, we get so taken by the triggers and expressions of Happiness that we forget to sink into the source of Happiness – I AM.

If not for Gurudev His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I would never even have known to probe me so deeply for Happiness that I am already.

Go inside. Look within. Pull in.

It is all IN there. Trust me.


The most deepest question. Have I found it. I have only begun to fall freely down this bottomless Rabbit Hole called Happiness. Its new. Its beautiful.

Live life to your truth. Relive every moment.

Discard the burden of shoulds and shouldnots.

Be spontaneous!

Be Happy!






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