Happiness is a Gift!

You look at a kid and you know the question ‘are you happy’ has no meaning. Happiness is radiating from their faces, oozing out of every cell in their body. Kids are happiness. What happens to us between being a kid and a grown up that happiness ceases to be a part of our existence. It is indeed a wonder!!

You ask someone ‘how are you’ and how many times have you heard the reply, “I am doing fantastic”. “I am doing great”.
Most folks say, ‘ok’.
What!!! “OK”.
What more do we need to be happy.
What are we waiting for?
Is it that black mercedes we are waiting to have in our garage before giving our best smile or will the raise the manager promised do it or is it only after my vacation to Hawaii that I will finally begin to be happy?

What is happiness and when do I plan to be happy?

WHat do we do all along in our lives – postpone our happiness.
Isnt that one thing that we should be doing now?
We never postpone our anger or frustration. We never postpone our sorrow. We never say to someone, “Man, you hit my car but why dont I get anger at you later”. Then why do we postpone good things in life.

Sometimes I wonder are we more in love with: sorrow & anger than with happiness & good things of life.

Do we love being a devdas (for those who are wondering – Devdas a love-lost character from a famous Bengali Novel) forever?
You know what that is what the movie devdas stands for.
You say ” what a bloke devdas was. He spoilt his entire life mopping & crying over love and destroyed his life”.
Looking back at our lives. Are we any different from a devdas? What is stopping us from being happy now.
Ok there are problems in life. So what!! Problems are a integral part of life. They will come & go. Why does it have to take away our smile everytime? Ok there is Pain in life but as if pain isnt good enough we also choose to suffer again & again with the pain. Soemtimes when we look at our life, the pain has long disappeared but we are suffering till date.

Happiness is a choice one can make. Every moment of life is nothing but a choice. A choice I make towards who I want to be, who I want to experience. And I choose again & again to be happy. It is not such a difficult thing to do. You only need some practise to do it. Do it twice and you will realise ‘WOW. I like being happy. It is my very nature’. That doesnt mean you wont have sorrow, pain or anger.

Oh!! Believe me they will continue to visit you. The only difference being, this time they are merely guests on a short visit.
You are the host … Happiness Host and you are here to stay.

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