Robin William’s absence has left me contemplating!!

Just last week, Reshma and I were watching Jumanji on TV – the umptieth time, and we were in fits laughing. That is when we started to talk casually about Robin Williams – how come we don’t see him in movies any more? With all this comedy that he does, is he really happy? Somehow either of us never followed up on our questions on the web. So it was with utter shock that I woke up yesterday and saw the CNN newsflash on my phone, “Robin Williams dies in his home.” Even then it was difficult to comprehend that it was a suicide. Both Reshma and I were so shocked and sad that Robin Williams committed suicide in the confinements of his home. He was not depressed and living alone in some hell hole. He was at his home. He went to sleep the previous night around 10 PM next to his wife. She woke up and left home around 10 AM, and his body was discovered around 11AM by his personal assistant. Somewhere in the early hours of the day he was attempting suicide while his wife might have been sleeping or getting ready. I am not by any means judging the wife. What I am reflecting is – what kind of lives are we living nowadays that we can leave our homes without having a glimpse of our loved ones living in the same house. Where are we going in a hurry! Is that the sign of progress and so-called development?

Imagine that – Robin Williams who has made us laugh infinite times on screen – himself suffered heavily from depression. It is not just him but many comedians like him suffer from severe depression. In fact, many famous personalities suffer from depression and have finally committed suicide. One thing is a fact that Money, Power, Fame – cannot buy us Happiness.

If you wake up and look closely this world is a pretty depressing place. There is absolutely no joy in the worldly things – literally and figuratively! It definitely gives the illusion of instantaneous joy which disappears as soon as it appears! Everyone is seeking joy but not in the right place – in my humble opinion!!

WHERE IS THE JOY? WHERE IS THE HAPPINESS? CAN IT BE FOUND? Many people debate over this. Many have argued with me on this that true happiness is a myth! I have immense compassion for those who think that way. 

True Happiness is here. Right now! Where? In You!! Every cell of you is made up of joy, bliss, love! Why is that we don’t know it – my only answer is – we are looking for it everywhere but there.

I definitely don’t understand depression as I have seen many experience it. I never had to battle with severe depression but if I look back into my life – there were certain points of my life where I was immensely unhappy inside. There was a deep emptiness – loneliness – onset of apathy – the world was beginning to seem miserable!! I was beginning to question the outside very strongly!!

I am grateful that right at that moment I was fortune to experience the Sudarshan Kriya (r) breathing followed by the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The combination completely dispelled sadness from my system. It was like I experienced myself as a bursting beam of love and joy. This realization that “I was the Juicy one – not what I see, hear, touch, taste or smell” – dawned!! Since that day I have invested more in knowing myself than knowing the world. The joy that is me has reflected everywhere around me, and every now and then I experience the immense web of love that permeates every ounce of this creation. It is so tangible and yet, not many even seek it. 

I wonder if Robin Williams had experience Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga and meditation, would he have been free of depression!! We will never know but I pray for him this moment.

We invest so heavily our time, money and effort in this world!

If only we can invest even 0.1% of that in knowing ourselves. Just a tiny weeny bit of effort in diving into our spiritual self. Aren’t we worth it – is my question?

Without spirituality this world is an ocean of misery! 
And With, it becomes an indescribable ocean of mystery!!
From question to wonder is the experience!
From outside to inside is how small the journey!

I pray for everyone to make this journey in their lives!!
May the veil of depression lift of us like the wandering clouds!!
May the Sun Shine bright dispelling the darkness of loneliness!

This is my selfish wish for you – 
May you experience the Sudarshan Kriya atleast once in your life!
May you dive into the Hollow and Emptiness of your Being!
May you get to meditate Sahej – with ease and grace!!
Most importantly, may you experience the Grace of a Satguru in your Life!!




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