What kind of Mother are you!

Yesterday I was listening to Emma Watson’s UN Address at the He for She campaign. She said something that just stayed with me and has been rumbling in the deepest core of my heart. There is no country in the world where WOMENS right are protected or she has equal rights.

Pause! For a moment take it in! Think about it!

No matter what country you belong to, what religion you practice, what ethnicity you embody – as a woman you are struggling at every step for your rights! That really makes me think and question many things which I took for granted as a child! I believe that One of the most compromising aspect of womanhood in the modern world is undoubtedly Motherhood.

As a child, I learned the embodiment of compassion and cooperation naturally by observing my mothers reflection in life – it build my earliest impression! So I wonder when a woman is struggling consciously or subconsciously for her true expression in this world – forced at every step to embody masculine traits – work hard to prove that she is in every respect equal to a man – will it also affect the mother she becomes!

Will she be able to emote compassion and cooperation (both feminine qualities) naturally in her expression in the world? Of course, if she has consciously created a space for spiritually (I am not talking about religion) and service in her life, then there is definitely hope, otherwise!

In the developed world, ‘Fight and Flight’ response is the embodied expression of a working individual including in most cases woman so much so that a research study has to prove that ‘tending and befriending’ is a feminine quality. The researchers could have asked a child of my generation and we would have said the same : My father has the ‘flight or fight’ response where as my Indian mother’s response has been a reflection of ‘tending and befriending’ response. I have numerous events, incidents to prove the different responses embodied by my father and mother at different stages of their life that taught me immensely.

Yet, living in US I realized in close interaction with my women friends that that expression of the mother is severing lacking in the developed world. Most daughters hate or dislike their mother. In my recent travel, I have seen the same response from daughters in India about their modern mothers. There is this ‘I don’t like my others’, ‘she is a task master’, ‘she is mean’ kind of a response! Makes me really wonder!

Definitely, mother consciousness is stepping back by the minute. No wonder compassion and cooperation is so lacking in the world! It is no longer a natural learning value of growing up like in my childhood!

The question is:
How can woman consciously step out of the ‘fight and flight’ mothering to ‘tending and befriending’ mothering. What steps does she need to take? What can she do consciously?

Think about it!


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