I love me! I love you! I love God!

On the onset let me declare that I simple and absolutely love God. I don’t even know what it means and who is this God but I absolutely love God and the majestic magnanimous brilliance of this creation .

Is that God! Or is God in the innocent eyes of a new born, or in the wrinkles of grandmothers or in the mischievous mannerisms of a kitten or in the reverberating chants of rudram or in the company of my family or in the deep reverence for my nation or the mysteries of Nature or in the infinitely deep eyes of my Guru! Where is God!

Echoes my heart – Everywhere is God and even more so, everything is God.

God is in me. God is the very essence, presence and substance that I am made up. The welling up of love inside of me like a bubbling spring every now and then is my experience of God. I exist, see, feel, act, connect, relate, emote, dissolve and emerge – all that is the God in me experiencing the God around.

I was never raised to experience God in the confinements of any religion. In fact my mother out rightly told me as a child that if I cannot see God in the stranger in the street, then I will not see God in the temple either. I believed her and looked into every eye as a child intently – is this God? I have experienced God everywhere and in the last decade even more so I realize that God is not out there but in my own company. If in me, I cannot experience God, I will not experience God anywhere else.

God is my companion, company and me.

God is the most intimate relationship I experience with myself. I am still exploring the depths of this relationship. It just doesn’t seem to have an end, and definitely I have no clue when this relationship even began.
I get it that Love is its juice for sure.
The how’s don’t matter!
The whys don’t matter!
The when’s don’t matter!
The what’s don’t matter either!

I am still recovering from the Wows!
The awareness often slips and I forget. Then again I am awoken. Wow!
Nothing can ever be said about that. Everything seems insignificant.
Then again the awareness slips and I forget. Then again I am awoken. Wow!

I absolutely love God like I love myself and I love you.
Maybe that’s all there is.


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