Why I choose not to Drink – let me specify – ALCOHOL!

With alcohol splashed on most Indian movies, TV series, advertisements, and liquor store located on almost every street In cities, I can’t help wonder – what is happening with us as a human society! 

When did we begin to drink so much and when did it become so cool to drink!

Even as a child, I saw that drinking shifted people in some strange way even when they were not drunk at all! You see, alcohol is not at all unfamiliar to me. I was raised within the army – my father is retired from the army. Alcohol was a common sight and  it has always made me extremely uncomfortable – the switch in the eyes the moment alcohol touched the lips of a person was quite obvious to me as a child! 

With such close proximity to alcohol, I was never drawn to it. 

As I have grown up, my proximity to alcohol and environments that serve alcohol has nearly ceased!  As my own relationship with myself has deepened, and my exchange with  consciousness has strengthened, my realization of the illusion of the ‘relaxation’ through alcohol has gained more clarity. 

So I speak with the hope that you who feel that you get some relief through that sip of alcohol into your system, you need to know that with every sip you are moving further and further away from truly knowing your Self!

Physically Alcohol imbalances, pollutes the entire space inside our physical body

A healthy physical human body is more alkaline inside like 7.5 ph. In fact the very job of organs like liver and kidney is to maintain the ph in the body, clear acidity and alcohol. So when you drink alcohol, you are directly overloading both these organs. They cannot do it and so your body inside starts getting more acidic everywhere. And an acidic body is also a breeding ground for cancer. Go read about it and u will see! The sad part is most processed, unnatural food are anyway acidic in nature. Mostly all Meat is acidic in nature. In fact recently I heard that if you want to stop drinking, you can begin by stopping meat. So by drinking alcohol you are completely creating a toxic waste land inside your body.

With Alcohol You are not Present here in the Now

Even with a sip I feel that there is an alteration in your ability to be Present and experience Presence. And with this I don’t mean what your physical body can or cannot do. It is way subtler than that! 

Well, whether we choose to believe or not, we are here to unwind  our karmic imprints and be present in our actions so as to avoid the introduction of more karmic imprints!  Sadly with alcohol, you are no longer in control of  your karmic imprints. Even those who proudly proclaim that I can hold my alcohol, I am sorry to say – maybe you can hold it but your nervous system is no longer the same the minute alcohol enters your system. Your Presence has shifted. You have temporarily de-linked yourself. At least recognize this fact when you are fully present so you can take responsibility for those moments of your absence!  

Your have compromised your ability to know yourself at a deeper level!

To me this is the greatest loss as a human being when we drink. Instead of consciously looking at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dramas and dealing with it head on, alcohol is an excuse of cowardice – to look away from them – to temporarily escape from them, to escape from yourself! With alcohol overtime, We only get more and more good at escaping from our Self! 

There is no high in alcohol! There is no juice in alcohol!

You are the high! You are the juice! The joke is that instead of learning or accessing this high that is oozing in every cell of our body consciously, we are moving further and further away from it! 

Why do we do it is a question that I find it most amusing! I think we have no value for our own human life in this body which is such a gift and treasure! We not only make our chances of getting to now our self dimmer but also pave the way for our children to move away from knowing them! 

We need to deal with life here – fully present – looking in the eye kind of way – conscious, awake and clear headed! 

Of course, you ask me how and I will tell you the greatest gift is in your breath! 

Nature and God has promised us so fully!  We have everything within us and yet, the stupidity of humanity is that we look for everything outside.

You want the world to shift towards becoming better ! Well, start by quitting the crutch of alcohol, and finding alternate ways to deal with your stress, to relax, to unwind! Well, we just celebrated International Yoga Day – go do yoga! Breathe! Be in Nature! Be an example to your children!

The best part is when you start investing in yoga, breathing, meditation and putting attention back on breath – Magic Happens! Your body wisdom itself will pull you away from putting alcohol into your system! 

Your hands won’t seek it, your mind won’t need it, your spirit will guide you away! 

I wish this knowing dawns on more and more minds, so you may wake up to knowing yourself!

Hope you choose to meet  your Self consciously in the present!

Good Luck! 


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