The Red Dot on My Forehead


I am obsessed with the expanding RED DOT on my forehead.

It is getting bigger everyday, and I am fixated by the sight of it.

When my hands move in a circular motion to rightly place the bright deep fluidy thick red concoction in between my forehead there is a feeling of elation, joy, excitement, passion, alertness, and expansion.  Just the act to get the circle in shape located centrally between my eyebrows is an act of meditation for me.

There is something about the DARK RED DOT on a women’s forehead.

The Red Dot symbolizes Womanhood in the most Magnanimous Powerful kind of way!

The Red Dot symbolizes Shakti – The deep rooted intuitive feminine power cruising through the bodies of women, waxing and waning with the currents of the Earth and Nature – beckoning her to deeply Listen and follow the Path of the Feminine!

The Red Dot symbolizes the Magic of Menstrual Blood that flows every month originating from the unseen unknown realms of a woman’s womb cruising through cervix moistening the many layers of vagina to emerge into the realm of the seen and known.

The Red Dot symbolizes that which is Sacred and the deepest Secret about a Woman only “seen” without the eyes in the darkest of the darkest darkness of the night in the echoing silence of the whispers of the ancient first mother to be heard without the ears, and felt without the body.

The Red Dot symbolizes the deep blood that accompanies the Birth of Life through the excruciatingly expanded g’normous mouth of the vagina – life that is soaking in the red of her inside, red of her blood, red of her life, red of her!

The Red Dot symbolized Her – without whom life would cease to be. The Earth would become barren. The Splash of Color would vanish. Joy would recede. Love will hold no meaning. Intimacy will transcend into the realm of the unknown.

The Red Dot symbolizes Me – my essence – my spirit – my blood – my ritual – my story – my memory – my womb – my birth – my death – my presence – my absence too.

The Red Dot on my Forehead is my Deep Rooted Anchor!


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