The She Stands Tall Project Website is Live!!

Happy New Year to all of You!

On the First New Moon of 2016, I am officially opening and sharing the website of The She Stands Tall Project! It is a dream come true – finally! It is official –

She has been Birthed! She is Alive, Breathing, Kicking, Excited and Ready to Begin Her Life in a officiated formal way!

Her Mission:

To Create Sacred, Open and Safe Sisterhood Containers Supporting the Personal, Relational, and Transpersonal Awakening of the Feminine.

Her Vision:

For Women (and Girls) to become Catalysts of Transformative change within themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

The Background

The She Stands Tall Project is an experience and words can never fully describe it, contain it or express it! The linearly logical masculine mind will discredit it as “sheer prattle.”

The pedagogy of the She Stands Tall Project is rooted in the Masters of Art Specialization in Women’s Spirituality that was offered at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Being part of the program was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. For the first time – I experienced the freedom to discover myself as a woman – personally, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, sexually and spiritually in a way that I never had the opportunity before.  I re-experienced the deep mystery, magic and power naturally available to me as a woman in deep synchronicity with the body of the Earth, her seasons, the Moon, Nature and her beings! I remembered experiencing so much of it as a girl and somewhere growing up I had pushed, suppressed and hushed it deep inside as it was never acknowledged, seen or encouraged in the social culture. In fact, my so-called education taught me to fear it, forget it, discredit it, and ridicule it!

The Need

Now it is all coming back ! I realize the urgency – the  need for every woman to awaken to her own knowing within and without and STAND UP fearlessly for herself, her children, and the planet!

Every girl and Every woman – Anywhere on the planet – have the right to experience themselves in their Fullness and Wholeness as embodied Sacred Women – reclaim our mysteries, our voices, our songs, our movement, our sexuality, our body, our wisdom, our laughter, our wildness, our power – within and without! There was a time – Her Sacred Power sustained cultures and civilizations. It was contained within the Sacred Sisterhood and Women’s Circles – Children were raised as young men and women within these circles! We lost it and now it is Time to revive it back!

The She Stands Tall Project

The She Stands Tall Project makes it possible for girls and women anywhere – wherever they are in their lives – intellectually, emotionally, spiritually – to come together irrespective of their differences and collectively

  • Embark on the journey of discovering themselves,and in the process Learning to heal themselves and those around them from the gender, racial, sexual, cultural, ancestral wounding that most women have experienced.
  • To investigate, re-discover and re-claim on her own terms a positive vision of being born a female and awakening to her body, sexuality and spirituality in relationship with the Earth, Nature, and the Universe,
  • To experience a “culturally socially economically ethnically and racially” diverse sisterhood and hold space in our lives for the creation, sustenance and reclamation of  nurturing supportive sisterhood,
  • To look at our own lives, culture, ancestry, events and happenings not in isolation but with the full understanding of her-stories (as opposed to his-story) across cultures, countries, civilizations from pre-history through present times.
  • To embody  the feminine in her multi-dimensional dynamic expression  – fearlessly.
  • and so much more.

2016 is Her Official Birth Year

The She Stands Tall Project offers a wide range of offerings in rhythmic synchronicity with the earth’s cycle. Most offerings will be made available via the web so women anywhere can begin the journey of their own awakening! Although she has been operating impregnated over the last 4-5 years  – 2016 is her Official Birth Year!

The theme of this year is – Awakening the Shakti Woman.

All the offerings in 2016 will bring various aspects of deepening and awakening the Shakti Woman within and without.

Women-Centered Spirituality and Feminine Leadership Spring Conference 2016 in Bangalore, India

March 05th 2016 The She Stands Tall Project officially launches herself with a Half Day Spring Conference in Bangalore, India. The conference is open to women and girls (above 10 years) only. The conference will be opened by Dr Dianne Jenett. Dr Jenett served as the Co-Director of the Women’s Spirituality M.A Program for several years. There will be few other phenomenal women teachers including Luisa Spagna. The website will have all the details by 16th January.

The conference will a unique opportunity to meet and gather with women from different parts of the globe (including India, Israel, Mauritius, Australia, United States and Few countries of Europe) in powerful intention of Sisterhood, Leadership and Transformation. We will also have a live feed available. Flyer is shared below.

Seats are Limited so please get your tickets in Advance!


The Website

Finally we come to the Website of The She Stands Tall Project. it has been created with a Sacred Intention. Every word has power and deep meaning! Take your time navigating through the various images, quotes, writings and offerings. There is more that will be unveiled in due course of time on the website.

Remember to Subscribe to our New Moon Newsletter which will be make its first delivery following the Spring Conference.









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