Being a Vital Voices Fellow – WOW!

Today my inbox became witness to the completion of one full Annual cycle of Magic, Strength and Power as it held within her mailbox my official Certificate of Completing the Vital Voices Fellowship.


What an year it has been!WOW!

I still remember late months of 2014 just few weeks remaining for the application deadline, I was glued to my laptop completing every detail of the Elaborate application process – Putting into words my vision for The She Stands Tall Project.

Thanks to my Sister, Reshma Kurup for sharing about the Fellowship with me and encouraging me to Apply!

A big shout-out to Dr Dianne Jenett (Co-Director – Women’s Spirituality at ITP), Filiz Odabas-Geldiay (Executive Director – International Association for Human Values), Mr William B Herman (Director & Visionary – and Dr Arielle Warner (Transpersonal Psychologist, Israel) for enthusiastically sending in their recommendation for me last minute in spite of their extremely busy schedules. In January 2015 I learned that I was one of the 150 women from around the world who had received the Fellowship! It was an honor beyond my imagination!

Then through Now I feel the whole world has shifted and moved under my feet!

The She Stands Tall Project has emerged into the world officially through a LIVE WEBSITE –

There has been so much of learning in so many aspects of being a Woman Entrepreneur on the planet at this time. I have had the exposure to Learn from phenomenal women mentors, leaders, teachers, business women, entrepreneurs – women from around the world – who are fearlessly following their passion and doing transformation work to Make a Major Difference in the World!

I know that every resource and training I received through the Fellowship will continue to teach me, inspire me and empower me for many years into the future as I get deeper into deepening the roots and growing the branches of The She Stands Tall Project! I know I have only begun and there is so much more to happen!

I know I will be crossing paths, building bridges, exchanging inspiration and collaborating with so many of my Peer Fellows as I transition from the status of a Fellow to an Alum. I also acknowledge the fact that now – I am entering a even bigger web of powerful phenomenal women! 🙂

Looking forward to this new beginning!

Thank you so much VVLEAD for making this Journey so Powerful and Memorable!





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