Shakti Woman Conference – March 5th

The She Stands Tall Project Invites you to Her
1st Biennial Women-Centered Spirituality & Feminine Leadership Conference


Awakening the Shakti Woman –
When She Awakens the World Awakens

Saturday, March 05th 2016 4:30 – 8:30 PM
@Shoonya Movement Center,
Lal Bagh Rd, Bangalore, India
Conference Fee: Rs. 500/- Per Person
Conference Link:

It will be an evening exclusively facilitated for women, by women, with women – bringing an ancient embodied knowing of The Shakti Woman within you like you might have felt at certain moments of your life – longed for – wished for – known somewhere deep inside to be true and yet never had it validated or experienced, seen or known it – in the lived physical, social, cultural or spiritual expression of the overtly masculine world! This conference is a beginning – an initiation into the journey of understanding the feminine, and healing Women and the Earth at a deep structural level. We invite all Shakti Women in the Awakening of that Knowing Within and Without.

What to Bring?
Drums, Rattles, Shakers, Bells, Chimes & more.
An Object Symbolic of the Wild Woman in You.
An Intention for Your Awakening- Written Down

Dress Comfortably for the Evening.
Seating will be on Soft Wooden Floors interspersed with Elevated Seating in the Back. You may bring a Pillow. We will also have cushions on the floor.


Key Conference Facilitators

We are pleased to announce two distinguished Shakti Women at the conference, whose work has deeply influenced and contributed to women-centered spirituality. Additionally there will be other guests leading different embodied modalities with you.

DianneDr Dianne Jenett has taught at many educational institutions including the California Institute of Integral Studies, Sonoma State University and Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where she co-directed the Women’s Spirituality M.A program with Dr. Judy Grahn for several years. She is the founder of Serpentina, a collaboration in support of ‘woman-centered research for everybody.’ She is also one of four co-authors of the groundbreaking qualitative research methodology, Organic Inquiry, first published in Organic Inquiry: If Research Were Sacred. Dr Jenett’s research focuses on women’s rituals and community rituals to the Goddess in South India.


Luisa Spagna
is a dancer, teacher, artist and Yogini. She is an independent researcher on the feminine in dance and visual arts. Since 1995 she has been living between Italy and India, where initially she dedicates herself to Indian classical dance Odissi and the traditional dance form Seraikella Chhau, supported by the I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relation). She created the deck of 66 round Yogini of Hirapur Oracle cards that elaborate on the 64 sculptures of the Yogini of Hirapur temple in drawings. Together with Paolo Pacciolla, musician and ethnomusicologist, she founds the cultural association Sutra Arti Performative (2003). She was awarded the “International Women Excellence Award (IWEA) 2014” at the India International Centre of New Delhi.


4:30 – 5:30 pm : Spiritual Autobiography- A Body Map Her-Stories Exhibition

IMG_3685Most of the world stories, discoveries, journeys, knowings and even, religions are expressed in terms of his-stories where women’s presence, her contributions, and her journeys are either fully absent, negated or get mentioned as secondary or inferior to men. The deep instinctual biological intuitive knowing that originates from the bellies, bodies and sexuality of women and that Which naturally pulsates with organic cycles of nature is almost unknown to most women.  Twenty (20) life size body maps of women from different parts of the world will be showcased at the conference. Each body map is an artivist (art + activist) expression of a sister’s journey of investigation, and reclamation of the various aspects of her own story within a woman-centered perspective undertaken as part of the 21-weeks of Shaktiship offering of The She Stands Tall Project. As you stand witnessing it, you will be deeply moved to enter into your own story and reclaim every aspect of it.

4:30 – 5:30 pm : Sacred Marketplace – Reclaiming the Sacredness of Money

caa22d1ca226fbdc93508b2fa30cd8f2We will host a cozy intimate marketplace showcasing the offerings, products and services of few local women entrepreneurs as a precursor for our major event in June of 2016. It will be an opportunity for women to connect, learn and collaborate with each other and also, transform and reclaim money as a sacred exchange of abundance, power and love. Every offering showcased is born out of women’s passion and deep desire to transform self and the world. We encourage you to carry cash as your sacred exchange offering in the marketplace. In partnership with VIBHA Women and Vital Voices Global Mentoring, we will also, be celebrating the power of mentoring.

5:308:30 pm : Awakening The Shakti Woman – Main Body of the Conference

image2The conference evening will introduce you to a new awareness of what happens when as women we put our own experiences at the center of our self-transformation and healing, and the transformation and healing of the world; and even more so how we as women can support one another in a way that honors exactly who we are – outside of the stereotype, dogmas, dos and donts, shoulds and shouldn’t labels of the world. The various seminars, processes and events planned for the evening will provide the opportunity to experience awakening, transformation and healing rooted in the feminine.

Awakening The Shakti Woman Work is geared towards women making a stand for themselves and for the planet on their own terms, and feeling grounded, connected and solid in that journey.The Sacred, Open and Safe Sisterhood container at the conference will be an experience like you have had never before. It will support the experience of stepping into your substance, your depth, and your ability to act powerfully in the world, so that the ‘you’ and the ‘we’ can merge and be ready to face whatever comes in front of us.

Some of the topics presented at the conference include:
– Understanding Women-Centered Spirituality & feminine leadership,
– Reclaiming Menstruation as Source of One’s Intuition, Intention and Health,
– Remembering and Re-membering the Sacred Feminine within and Without
– Experiencing Nurturing Sisterhood Spaces
and more

Some of the benefits of attending the conference include ecstatic joy and love for oneself and those around you; feeling of expansion and connectedness; experience of deep rest, groundedness and healing; and a very tangible feeling of one’s own feminine power deep within and without.

To Book Your Tickets, You Need to WhatsApp/SMS:
Rekha +91-9972490513 or Reshma +91-9945812323,
and then coordinate to get the actual physical tickets.
Seats are limited. Pre-registration to the conference is a must.
Visit our website for more information.
We will not be selling any tickets at the Door.
Who Can Attend The Conference.
Any Menstruating Girl or Woman can attend the conference. We have a total of 80 seats Only out of which only 55 seats are made open to our contacts: women in our lives, in our near and extended networks. Publicity as well as ticket selling is only through word of mouth to ensure that everyone who is at the conference is connected in sisterhood prior to arriving. So if you are getting this email, and are deeply moved to attend, please buy your tickets right away.
Please Help US Spread the Word
If you wish for your daughter, sister, girl friend, aunt, mother, grandmother or colleague to attend the conference, please forward the email to them, or even better, buy the ticket(s) for them and have them accompany you. If you are part of a trusted women’s network or social media group, please feel free to forward this message on it. Of course, Save and Share the below Conference flyer on your Facebook Wall.


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