Shakti Women Gather in Bangalore – Part 1

On 5th of March 2016, The She Stands Tall Project facilitated an open, safe, and sacred sisterhood container that supported, nurtured and witnessed the personal, relational and transpersonal experiences of  36 Women from 5 countries (India, USA, Mauritius, Israel, Italy) embodying the whole range of feminine life cycle from Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone (youngest 17 years and oldest 69 years) at Shoonya Center for Art and Movement in Bangalore.


As all these women stood together in re-informing, reclaiming,  renewing, restarting, rejuvenating the various aspects of their feminine wisdom – magical intimate moments were interwoven, hearts connected & echoed voices of love, intimacy was felt and contained in the sisterhood and there was deep resonance of the Wild Woman looming in her entirety in the room – ready to live, express and engage! What a phenomenal beginning! We bring you few glimpses from the conference!

The Shaktiship Sisters Hold Space

The She Stands Tall Project Shakti Sisters (Graduates of the 21-weeks of Shaktiship Program) arrived from the four corners of the world to participate, support, and hold the Sacred container for the conference for themselves and for all the other women who were to arrive. Some of them arrived a week in advance to help with the various logistics of the conference – making sign boards, preparing magical ritual altar ingredients, drumming, singing, rejoicing, creating powerful intentions and brewing wisdom, love, laughter and intensity! Some of them brought friends along to engage and connect from the beginning!

The Shakti Woman Conference Altar

The Ritual Altar of the Conference was the anchor that held, and wove all the aspects of the conference in its pure wild intensity. The “Red bloodline wisdom chandelier” (carrying innumerable messages) and the Central Shakti Woman altar arrested your attention as soon as you entered the Conference Room. The contrast to the usual ‘Nice’ ‘Goody’ ‘Pure’ ‘White’ ‘Light’ aspects of the feminine were held within the ‘bloody’, ‘dark’, ‘colorful’, ‘dynamic’, ‘fiery yet calm’, ‘Kali-embodied’ imagery – definitely a shocker and yet, expands one’s knowing in leaps and bounds!

Gallery of Life Size Sacred Women’s Bodies

And then as you looked up and around, you became aware of the life-size women’s bodies hanging from the ceiling holding within its folds many stories, narratives, images, writings – that radiate such deep intensity, rawness and wildness! Each body map is an experience in itself that was birthed by each sister participant of the 21-Weeks of Shaktiship. It reflected her journey, her musings, her awakenings,  her reclamation, her ancestry, her-story (ies)! As you held them within you had to  breathe in and breathe out – deeply as somewhere within your own self got stirred! Sharing some of the pictures below. Soon we will share them all with you on The She Stands Tall Project FB page.

The conference space opened around 4:30 PM to welcome women from Bangalore to network, connect, eat, mingle and then move around through the Body Map Exhibit and the sacred marketplace. Sisters were invited to stand in-front of their body map and hold space for their journeys.

The Sacred Marketplace showcased

i) Tanzeb (Check out Facebook page with similar name) – An initiative Founded in January 2015 by Nidhi Bala in an attempt to bring about social and economical changes in the lives of the ‘Chikankari’ artisans through their authentic products. Nidhi shared her journey, her inspiration, her passion with the gathered women. Another sacred

ii) 64-Yogini of Hirapur Oracle Deck – The Yogini of Hirapur Oracle is a set of round oracle cards inspired by the famous 64 Yoginis temple at Hirapur (Orissa, India) that are cognized and created by Luisa Spagna, one of our amazing Presenters at the conference. 

As women gathered in listening, exchanging their love in the form of money to purchase at the marketplace, we were moving into that pivotal moment of unveiling the conference itself – it was 5:30 PM!

The Shaktiship sisters ushered all the women outside so the conference space could be prepared, candles lit, sage smoked, rattles, drums, voices and intention gathered, so that when the doors re-opened the women were called in through the sounds of drums, rattles, sage smoke, hums, voices and the spirit of the feminine – echoing in the air!

What happened next! Stay Tuned for the part 2!

12003230_1362823650412944_2517677649592281119_nRekha Govindan Kurup is a social artivist, spiritual feminist and co-director and founder of She Stands Tall Project LLP. She has a M.A in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California (one of the only two schools in the world that offers a academic pedagogy in women’s spirituality and both are located in Northern California).

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One thought on “Shakti Women Gather in Bangalore – Part 1

  1. Dearest Rekha, what a journey of awakening we have been in under your loving, brilliant and knowledgeable guidance. The feminine has always been awake and alive, let us show who we are to the world without fear of backlash,condemnation or rejection. Let us all support and guide our sisters on their personal path of awakening whatever age or place in the lineage of the feminine they occupy. Awake , alive, renewed we are that and so much more, seeing it again with the help of your loving, fun and thought invoking tutelage
    L❤️Ve you

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