Comfort-Ability : Pathway to Inner Power & Authentic Self!!

What I do is no longer as important as Knowing Who I am!
Even more important than Knowing Who I am is my ability to Express and Embody Who I am! The more I work on my Comfort-Ability, the more I am able to Express and Embody Who I am – the infinitely flavorful, colorful, beautiful, powerful aspects of my being!

If I were to look at my life’s journey it has been about becoming more and more Comfort-Able with myself – irrespective of the external and internal environment; recognizing my boundaries of comfort,  meeting myself at the boundary, interacting with that boundary from the inside out, expressing it and then, transforming that boundary into a growth moment – Learning and Growing and forever expanding my Comfort-Able-ity! For me that is the essence of my life – every moment, every day!


Comfort-Ability is key to Inner Power and Authentic Self. The more we learn to expand our Comfort-Ability, the more access we have to different aspects, different flavors of our Inner Power; and our Authentic Self begins to emerge in expression and embodiment!

I feel that there are six core aspects to developing our comfort-ability namely physical, emotional, mental or psychological, social, creative and spiritual! Every aspect of our life  can fit under one of these categories. The quality of our life is deeply connected to our comfort-ability in these different aspects!

If we are not consciously growing, developing these six core aspects of who we are – then life is zest-less, passion-less, un-inspiring – Something deep within us is not nourished or kindled! So question is how do we develop or nourish these aspects of who we are – actively!The more comfort-able we are, the more access we have to our inner power and the more we are able to express and show up int he world authentically!

Happiness, Joy, Bliss – all flow naturally when you are in your Authentic Self! Even emotions like Anger, Sadness become moments of powerful transformation when you are engaged in developing your comfort-ability!

I am sharing Four Tools or Engagements that have deepened my own comfort-ability!.

TOOL 1: Knowledge

Yearning for knowledge of who I am

The yearning for knowledge of who I am – discovering my Self, my truth in relationship to all of life and death, and knowing about all of this existence and its purpose related to my life – has been one of the primary inspiration to explore my comfort -ability! Any knowledge – written, spoken, visual, experienced, religious, embodied – that expands my awareness of Who I am – I have never missed it in my life if it has crossed mypath!So many people, so many experiences – I am so grateful for that and it has only been because I have stayed open – always – irrespective of my discomfort! I have listened to my heart – my intuition and have never regretted listening! In fact, the yearning or longing is so strong that the universe itself bring those opportunities my way without any effort!

TOOL 2: Meditation

This is the core according to me.

Just meditating was never easy as the mind plays many games and with the kind of exposure we have around us through social media, TV, books, people, family  – the mind needs some hard-core ruffling down before meditating can even happen. For me Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga is that tool which brings me to the doorstep of meditation – every day! Of course, I have also discovered other tools that bring me to that doorway but it only comes secondary to my committed practice of Sudarshan Kriya everyday – period.

TOOL 3: Recovering Your Creative Self

Just look around us at this infinitely creative universe!

I feel exploring one’s infinite Creative Impulse is not just a path to Wholeness but it gives us a glimpse into the Creator for Creativity is Divinity’s Expression.

In Julia Cameron’s many words or quotes the power of creativity is beautifully in-sighted:

“When we open ourselves to  our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives”

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God”

The tools of creativity are infinite: drawing, painting, movement or dance, drama or role playing, story telling – story making, collage work, sculpting, ritual making, poetry, sound or music or singing.

Our creativity gives us the ability to explore  Comfort-Ability in our body, in our emotions, in our intellectual-psychological processing, in our social interactions and in deepening our spirituality!

TOOL 4: Self-Awareness (Responsibility+Accountability+Growth Mindset)

Self-Awareness for me is acknowledgement of this truth that what is out there is what is in here and what is in here is a reflection of what is out there – there is no outer reality separate from me.

This is the most difficult for me to explain because it is so vast in itself, and I have used these words together for a lack of a Single word. It is a happening in itself. One can try to cultivate it or make an effort but then it takes away the comfort-ability! The more we stand rooted in the three tools above, the more we begin to relax and the more Self-Awarness grows.

Self-Awareness for me is acknowledgement of this truth that what is out there is what is in here and what is in here is a reflection of what is out there – there is no outer reality separate from me.

Blaming the other, complaining makes no sense any more!

Taking  responsibility and being accountable for one’s actions, experiences and responses is key to deciphering and developing one’s comfort-ability. The more we take active responsibility and engage with life in every way, the more we get opportunity to explore our comfort-ability!

Self-Awareness is the best navigator or magnifying lens for understanding one’s comfort-ability and actively working on it through the growth mindset.

This is a constant every moment journey from the inside out. It is also a journey you have t undertake on your own. Others can walk with you but it is your LONE journey! Meditation and Knowledge complement it.

The greatest gift is the presence and companionship of a Living Spiritual Guru  that one can fully surrender to – the experience of that is unlike anything that I have ever experienced – no comparison to anything else!  When you have it – you know – that’s all I can say about that!

In the last decade, meditation, knowledge and creativity has deepened my self-awareness! It has redefined my definition of spirituality to mean a conscious grounded awareness of who I am.

Sadly, neither at home nor at school, are we ever taught to explore meditation, knowledge and creativity as a tool to deepen who we are! Although to a great extent, knowledge, meditation as prayer, and self awareness was nurtured in my home, creativity was something that was never emphasized for my development. Creativity was only explored in schools within a boxed, judgemental container that soon I became scared to explore. All it did was develop my inner critic to becoming a BOOMING LOUD VOICE that shut down my creative self!

I had to rediscover and recover my Creative self.
In that re-discovering and re-covering, I got an opportunity to get up, close and personal with the physical, emotional, mental, social, creative  and spiritual aspects of who I am.
As I grew more and more Comfort-Able in these six aspects of my self, I also began to re-discover and re-cover my inner power, and step into my authentic self more clearly and wholly!

Reclaiming my Creative Self has empowered me to refine my expression and embodiment in the world! In that sense, the whole avenue of expressive arts has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

I first discovered it at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, Califonria where it was held within the container of spirituality. Then within my Women’s Spirituality M.A at the same school, I discovered that it is my natural ability as a woman to explore and embody the Arts as a reflective gateway to my inner power and authentic self! WHY WAS I NEVER TOLD ABOUT IT – I began to Wonder!

Today I am exploring the Expressive Arts, Mindfulness, Meditation, Knowledge – within the container of Therapy.

I feel that we need all of it – Meditation, Knowledge, Self-awareness and Creativity to fully know ourselves, be ourselves and express ourselves in the world!

FYI: If you are inspired to explore your Comfort-Ability through the expressive arts then,  I will be facilitating a 20-Week Expressive Art Therapy container for women to re-discover and re-cover  inner power and authentic self in Bangalore, India. More information is available here:—june-through-november.html








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