The Silence of the Sacred Yoni!

This journey is Born out of my own exploration of reclaiming my relationship with my sacred yoni, womb, and my feminine self in a way I was never taught .. held … or acknowledged. I bring the initiation and exploration to you through the Sacred Yoni Mandala Workshops. To know more:


As we are entering into the phase of increasing Darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, we are also in the phase of entering into the Dark womb – the Sacred Yoni of the Great Mother – the dark cave of deep rest like the one we were all submerged in a looooooooooooooooo ong time ago!

Cozily hanging inside the Yoni chambers of our mother’s womb –  suspended in time – waiting to emerge into light – slowly through the passages of her tubes, her walls and through her Yoni Gateway reserved for “my” exit alone – we made our entry into the world – forgetting – all that passed before – until then! Life in the Sacred Yoni became a forgotten reality that never ever happened – not even a memory remnant!!

Oh! Today the most savaged, abused, broken, wounded, ravaged is the Yoni – in her body – the woman = the daughter = the mother = the earth! Do you know how a Woman feels about Her! The only way she functions is by looking away from Her. For to even acknowledge Her presence in her life is to open the flood gates of personal and collective trauma of years of oppression, pain, wound, rage – overpowering emotions!!

I was there once.

Then two years in a row participated in Vagina Monologues as a student at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology – Palo Alto, CA!

Every monologue was listened to with deep attentiveness – No, not by the ears!

She showed up in every monologue like a deep resonance from within – I knew it!
“I relate to that – Oh! My God! It is not just her story but mine too!”

“Have you seen her lately …. with a mirror?”
What!     Really!       Wow!

She is everywhere – valleys, mountains, trees, caves, fruits, flowers, beings, nuts – She is everywhere!

How did I not see her!
Then I never knew how to even recognize her – how did She look?
Nope. Never saw Her before!

She was in my body and yet, I just strayed & stayed away from Her!
Somewhere far away like She was never there – the wounds, the visuals, the sensations, the pain, the shame were too overpowering to engage!

Then, looking at Her, knowing Her, engaging with Her – was releasing, letting go, emerging, remembering, re-membering, restoring, reviving, resting!

Then Art happened – Creativity flooded out!

Voice began to emerge! Did you know – my lips are like Her too!

Fear somersaulted to Love!

Intuition was restored!

Worship began!

Goddess revived!

Then I though to ask about Her to her and other women….
“What is your relationship to the Yoni?”
Listened. Echoing Back. Deep silence of the Yoni – Her disappearance!

“Yoni, what is that!”
“Could you explain?”
“Eh! Do you mean the Vagina?”
“I don’t want to talk about that”
“What relationship? Its there. so what!”
“What is there to talk about it”
“Are you talking about sex?”
“I am not even aware of it”
“To have kids maybe and, I am not interested in having kids. So ….”
“I remember seeing pictures in my sex ed class”
“Is it masturbation you want to know?”
“That’s un-spiritual! I have overcome that relationship”
“That’s shameful! Who talks about that!”
“Seen her? Yuck! Why do I need to see her!”
“I have no time for that”
“Yeah! She pleasures me!”

Now more than ever before
Silence of the Sacred Yoni is Echoing Louder and Louder – Are you listening!

Not outside – inside of you ….. dearest Sister!

Disconnected we have lived for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………..oooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!

Unaware … Not knowing to hold space for Her …
Unsacred-ly neglected we have existed … not wholly … partly …
We have kept ourselves busy – many guises – disguises – empowerment … identity … accomplishments … independence… sex…. pleasure …
outwards… outward …. out ….. moving more and more …. pulled out….
Away from Her sacredness….
away from Her bliss…
away from Her wisdom!

The silence of the Yoni has spread…
The deep truth telling of the oldest order has left our lips….
for that flows from Her chambers – down there….
Without Her dark rhythmic mysteries I am not a woman…
I don’t even speak Her Language…
embody Her Language…
walk Her feet….
Without Her guidance
I am some other – Masculine embodied woman…


She is right there… down there….
Sacred gateway… waiting to open… to worship.. to know… to embody!
She is the Protection …  Protectress…  Protected!

Her doors are calling you in.

Her doors are calling you in.



12799356_1337306242964685_4487028475035161128_nRekha Govindan Kurup is a social artivist, spiritual feminist and co-director and founder of She Stands Tall Project LLP. She has a M.A in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California (one of the only two schools in the world that offers a academic pedagogy in women’s spirituality and both are located in Northern California).



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