Her Moon Rhythms – Why was I not told!!

 “Aha! What happens in the sky is related to what happens on the earth is related to what happens to me in my daily life, and I can attune to it through my body, and it can make a difference. What a miracle. How come nobody told me this before?”
– Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman

In the recent decade I have learned to step into the awareness of my earth-grounded feminine intuition and importantly, to move in the world from that space of knowing. It has been a happening as I have discovered my entrainment with the moon and the earth through my blood, my rhythms, and my feminine body.


The cross intersectionality of the earth, the seasons, the moon, the week, the day, the elements and enveloped in it are the rhythms of my blood, my life cycle, my body, my health, my day, my knowing – where one ends and the other begins is sometime hard to differentiate! The lines do blur many times…

—  Increasing  Pace, Grow, Action  —> Slowing Down, Resting, Rejuvenating —
–  SPRING   –> SUMMER        –>   FALL/AUTUMN –> WINTER      – Seasons
– 1st Moon  –> Full Moon      –> 3rd Moon             –> New Moon – 29.5 days
–  MAIDEN  –>   MOTHER      –>  WILD WOMAN –> CRONE        – Life Cycle
–  DAWN      –> NOON             –>           DUSK          –> MIDNIGHT – 24Hr Cycle
–  VIRGIN     –> OVULATION –>   WILD WOMAN –> BLEEDING – Blood Cycle

What is most profound is the knowing that I am carried in close quarters in the womb of the Mother – She is ever around me, in me, with me, for me, beside me, above me, below me – She is everywhere – I am her. The Gift that I have been given as a woman is to hold space for all of that and to be not just in the world but to be the world itself!

Women in the ancient times and even now, who live deeply in resonance with nature – honoring Her, beholding Her – understand these cycles! She understands the Source of All Her Power – within and without! Nature and She are not separate but She is Nature in all her aspects!

Today the state of the world is a reflection of the deep disconnectedness with the Nature, the Rhythms – within and without.

This deep disconnect is without a doubt embodied and expressed by and in women!
Her blood rhythms are in chaos; un-synchronized with self, with nature & with each other
She is more and more bought into the plastic world – consumerism – objectification!

Today what women need more than the Patriarch-ally derived School-education in the name of Empowerment & the Race to Nowhere – is the Gift of Embodied Wisdom – Wisdom of the Earth – Wisdom of Her Own body – Her Womb – Her Blood – Her Yoni!

Within that Cycle – the World is Born – Sustained – Transformed.
When She flow with this Cycle – the world flows through Her -with Her – in Her!

Where do we begin?
All it takes is Awareness – Tuning in – Following the Cycle – and there in that moment you are tuned back into the cyclic flow of nature – it is like having new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new mouth to taste, new hands to touch, new nose to smell!

Every Girl needs to be given this gift just a year before she begins to Menstruate so she can start beginning her journey towards her initiation into womanhood!

She needs to start drawing, coloring and recording the phases of the moon – draw and color the flow of seasons – play with the shadows of the day – record her dreams – know and honor her ancestors – walk in nature – travel on her own – listen to her body – eat consciously – dance, sing and walk her rhythm!

Imagine the entrainment that will follow her!!
Imagine the entrainment that will follow all the women on the planet!!
Imagine the entrainment that she will gift her children – her sons and her daughters!!

It is Magic – the deepest truest of all!


Start Now!
Keep a Blood-Body Cycle Journal – Start charting your cycles with the moon – Draw the phase of the moon for that day in the book – Draw  your emotions/state of mind – Write your reflections – Note time of day – Listen to your body  – Listen to your Heart – Let the body guide you to eat – Slow down in the Waxing Cycle – Meditate – Write down your dreams – Rest as you Moonstruate – Pick up your pace in the Waning Cycle – Engage fully with and in the world – then again slow down – Flow in and with the Rhythm.

Do this for 59 days – 2 full moon cycles!! See for yourself!

It is the greatest highest blessing to be Born a Woman!
Learn it and Live it Wisely! Become who you came here to be!

“The role of women in the development of society is of utmost importance. In fact, it is the only thing that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious, or otherwise. Women are the backbone of society.”
~His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar





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